Not everything counts...or it does?

Well, you can see the title of this blog in that pic. And if any of you wonder from where is that phrase; here is your answer.
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted." -- Albert Einstein.
What he said is a big true, like a person that is surround by lots of people but still feels alone.

No matter how many people is around, if any of them give you what you might need that most of the time is love. Not necessarily a couple’s love maybe just a friend or someone to talk with; someone who can listen to your problems without thinking: “Damn when is she gonna stop talking”. Yeah I know that everyone in this world have problems, some of them are huge and some other are just little ones. But have you ever wonder what could have happened if I would listen to him/her? There are lots of people who kill themselves only because they didn’t have any to talk with, someone who can listen to them. And the only we hear people said is: “how stupid are they” but when a person close to them does it, they can only say: “oh poor one, how could this happened if we give him/her everything”. But what about the most important things, not the material ones and I imagine that you know what I mean but if not, then there are a lot of things you need to think about.

For example, while I’m writing this a very close friend of mine came and asks me what I was doing; however, instead of telling him what I’m doing here and let him read this that I’m writing, I told him that I didn’t want him to read it. I mean, this is something that’s going to be in the whole net and how am I supposed to publish this if I don’t even let my friend to read it. I’ll tell you how; I can publish this and let you read about it because you don’t know me, and whatever you think about me is not gonna affect me at all, but instead he’s related to me and it does affect me what he may think about me. And without knowing it I just told you why millions of people doesn’t talk and keep all his stuff to themselves, is not because nobody ask them what’s wrong with them, it’s just because they prefer to stay the way they are and no bother other persons or make them worry about them; or at least that’s the reason I keep a lot of things. And you can’t tell that we didn’t try it, but if you knew of what I’m talking about you’ll know how I feel. I once try to let my mother know how I feel, and the only thing I accomplish was make her feel bad, because she felt that everything was her fault but it wasn’t. If I felt bad in that moment was for several things that happened to me at that time, the way I felt because I couldn’t help my own family. And even now, while I’m going my way home if you take a look at me, I’m exactly like a living dead just walking with the mind in other planet all sad but if I see someone that I know; I’m just okay and all smiles. When I’m reaching my house, with the only purpose of don’t let my family worry about me when I enter my house try to forget everything but I can’t so I just don’t talk about it and they assume that I’m fine.

Ups, I just notice that I already give you a whole speech without notice, sorry about that. But that’s the way I feel and here’s the only place where I can say it without make anyone worry.

So thanks for reading this and if you didn’t like I said I’ll never know it so I’ll assume you did It and will be happy about it.

Feel free to comment. Or if you prefer, talk about your own stuffs.


akmx said...

GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!

Gabriela said...

Wow!!! sorry for my bad english im from El Salvador And you leave me spechless God Bless You i just read youre coment abaut this phrases and helps me a lot again God Bless You and Thanks so much