Breaking Dawn - Part 3

This third part is narrated by Bella, she starts her history at the very moment she is about to be on labor. Sorry for taking so long but I've been really busy; well that's enough the last thing you want to read is my apology, so finally here it is….:

She is walking with Rosalie upstairs to use the restroom, but then she came back to the sofa cause the coup where she was drinking from (blood of course) was about to spill, so she tried to reach it before that but then suddenly felt that she wasn’t completely moving to that side… as if something was pulling to the other side of her; after that the only thing she remembers is that they were upstairs but she only reached to see Edward and Jacob, Rosalie was no longer there (wonder why?), and she heard that the baby was entangled with the umbilical cord, so she was wondering: “why isn’t he doing something?... the baby is gonna die! What is he waiting for?” TAKE IT OUT….save him…. Then she heard the sound of something breaking apart (of course it was her) this was because Edward was taking the baby out, so he needed to use his teeth for this particular thing, cause like you all know this wasn’t made by human skin (if you didn’t… now you do).

After that Bella was weaker than ever, but then she saw the baby… it wasn’t like the one she dreamed about, the little boy, this was a girl… she felt a little disappointed at that second, but that was all it last this disappointment, cause then she saw her closely and…. She was beautiful, she had curly hair, the same chocolate brown eyes like the mother and the same porcelain skin that the father has, but this one was pink at the cheeks, this meant that she was alive, not a vampire, at least not a complete one and after all this, Bella saw something that she thought she’ll never see on her entire existence, a creature even more beautiful than Edward… of course it had to be his daughter… Renesmee.
So like all the mothers on the entire world, she wanted to hold her daughter, so she did… she was hugging her but then suddenly she felt a pain on her chest; then Edward take the baby out and Bella was starting to lose consciousness, all went black while she listened to Jacob said, “keep your heart beating as you promised”… she was thinking I will...I have to!... but she felt a huge amount of weight that was pushing her down to the darkness, she was fighting against it, but she was about to surrender… when she remembered why she was fighting for, it wasn’t just her life, it was Edward's life, cause they where only one, if she died he will also “die”, and she couldn’t imagine a world without Edward, and even so… now there was another reason to live for, she had her beautiful daughter, their daughter Renesmee; she’ll need her; she couldn’t just abandon her, so she wouldn’t… she attached to a little warmness she fell on her body, while she tried to get out of the darkness and the heaviness, but she was only a human, she couldn’t do this alone, so she couldn’t avoid this but at least she tried to push it away and not falling anymore.

But then the warmness started to felt a little bit uncomfortable, it was no longer a warm sensation but now it was like a fire, and she remembered this feeling, it was like the time James bit her, this was because of the venom, then she understood the meaning of this, Edward was trying to save her by make her a vampire as he said he will, and this was supposed to be the plan from the beginning but they were not completely sure about using it, and even so Carlisle had been talking with Edward about using morphine so the pain would be less, they tried to use it with Emmet when they transform him, but the venom burned the morphine before it acted, so they were thinking on using more, so that was maybe the reason she couldn’t move but feel everything… the fire started to run all over her body, and she finally felt as if the lower part of her was connected again with the rest of her, this on one side was better but on the other this meant that the fire will reach that part too.

She could listen to everyone and everything, she was aware of what was happening to her but only by the things they say, Edward was always standing beside her, he never left her alone. At the second day she could move, but she didn’t wanted to, because she knew that if she moved she would start to scream and this will make Edward suffer; on the other hand the fire was a little less than usual but it had become even stronger on the center (the heart), Edward was worried because she didn’t talk neither move, and he thought he had done something wrong.

Alice went to see her, and told Edward that she’ll be done soon, and that she had become a really beauty, but he corrected her: “she had always been a beauty” u.u xD, after that at the next day Bella finally stop feeling the fire on the rest of her body and this one were only in her heart. Then all the family reunited there on the same room she was, and it was then when she felt that the fire become even more suffocating, more powerful… it extinguished and the pain vanished all at once…

Pd. I’ll write the rest of this next week, or hopefully this weekend, see ya!.

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