Outlander - Sassenach

I found myself going through channels and after I watched Carrie for the third time. I noticed it had already changed the program, so I went to info part and saw that it was a "movie" called Outlander...and I quoted that because after being traped with the argument I found out that it was a Tv serie...so I got hooked without even notice it. Now I'm eager for more but I have to wait...this is why (if you rather want to see the serie don't read this, I'll just tell you that is worth it). I began with a young lady sitting next to an old one, that was reading her future on tea leaves...then she went for her hand and told her that she had a life line that has a bifurcafion, and it was an extrange feature. It was around the began of the 20th century because there were cars and all...she was a battle nurse and was married, this will be their second honey moon. Next thing I knew she was picking flowers next to a rock where a group of women were doing some kind of dancing the night before...and when she touched that rock she went uncouncious. When she woke up she didn't recognize the path between the woods...them she found a redcoat general that tried to raped her (so this wasn't the same time, right?)..then a man went to her rescue but like she wasn't as cooperative as she must, he knock her out and took her with some others like him (I think it was from Scotland or somewere from there, cause they were using those classic skirts, just like brave heart) while they decided what to do with her, she fixed the dislocked arm of one of them...so in simple words, she will survive. They took her with them and while certain things, that I will not tell in here, happened...they got into a castle.