It's not you, it's me...

This is a very common phrase, so probably you have hear it before, or maybe you have even use it to break up with you boyfriend or girlfriend, this most of the time happened when we are not really sure if that person is the right for us, so we let them go. But sometimes, people use this phrase not because they feel it, or they really think this was the reason, they use it because they want to break up with the other person and they don't have to much imagination... so they say that.
At least I have never heard this form any of the people I know, but is something I have heard on the street while they talk about it, I once thought that they were joking, or that was something they said to their friends, but wau!.
It looks like they use it for real, I do not know if they do this only because they think is the "easiest way" of ending a relationship, but some say that they use this prhase only because they dont want to hurt the other person, they dont want him(her) to feel guilty for the failure of that. Maybe if you see it from other way, they might think this is better, but before you do something you may want to think first on what would you feel if the other person does this to you.

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