Today I'm gonna break up my own rules, and I'm not gonna write a phrase, I'm gonna write about the book that I'm reading, or to be more exact, that I already read. This book is very... and I mean it; very exciting. The other time I was reading a blog were a guy said that he wanted to see the movie only because he was curious about knowing how was possible that all the girls fall in love of that guy "Edward", and he wanted to know what kind of techniques he used to make the girl fall in love with him.
But he did nothing.... and I said nothing; but nothing normal people can do. Ja!... no for real, if you first read the book and know nothing about the movie you might see a different person; like I did, but Edward is... is... I don't know how to describe him, like you may have notice; I'm also one more of the girls who wish her boyfriend were somehow like him. But even if we surrender to his charm, and I'm talking about the character and not the actor, you will see he is maybe the man of your dreams or maybe not, it all depends of the person.
But at least I have made my sister fall in love of the book too, and that's something big if you knew her; she doesn't touch a book unless she really needs it.
Well the history is of a girl who lives in a city but she moves with her father to a town named Forks... there she knows this misterious guy named Edward Cullen, and his family. But I'm not really good telling this and I'm afraid that if I continue writing I might tell you the whole history and ruin the book for you; so I'll stop here, but I hardly recommend this book.

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Anonymous said...

When I read this book...my world change totally! Edward Cullen is the perfect man, what a girl wants!! not fall in love to him is inconceivable! I can understand why Bella don´t believe if he really love her...but coming from a boy like him...everything is possible.