Twilight Videos

Here you can find some of the trailers of the Twilight Movie, e-cards, photos and more from the site of http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/. Thanks!!


Aleja said...

we are going to be in the first line to see Edward clearly on the teather xD!!

at leat I like Edward a lot in Twilight because in new moon my love belongs to jacob and in Eclipse too!

I am still reading breakind dawn so, nothing is decided yet!

Jacobbb!! xD!!
But as you said "Edward is Edward" =)

karlibeth said...

Naaa... you are a traitor!!... you shouldn't read those books!! you have lost all the rights =P.
How dare you love Jacob instead of Edward xD... you are mad!! xD jajaja... well we have always be, but you are already dreaming awake u_U