New Moon

And again, I'm writing this to comment New Moon, the sequel of Twilight, it's even more exciting than the first one, I can't believe that I read it in only 3 days, wau it's really amazing and it captures you on the history, at first if you already read Twilight... you must know that Edward and Bella end up together; but yet something happens in this second book that you must read, what may be, this is just for you to find it out, but I'll give you a little help.... do you remember Jacob Black?? and the way Bella acted with him only to know some information??.... Made your conclusion, or at least think about them, maybe it's not exactly what you think, but believe me is not too far from that. What would it be necessary to separate Edward from Bella??... time, other vampires, jealous, blood?? I leave this to you, and I promise that it worth the time.
Oh!! another clue, do you remember the history Edward told Bella about the life and "after life" of Carlisle? if you don't then you might want to make a review about it, cause it will help you a lot with this second book. And if you are clever enough... you will notice at some part of the book what is really happening on Forks and why... just one more thing, do you know how to ride a motorcycle?.
I will continue this post and some more on a couple of days; so keep on the reading.

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Aleja said...

That book is amazing! isn't is?
It really trapped you and all you can do is keep on reading 'till the end!
The love between them really makes me jealous, and I'm not a jelous person, I swear. It's just that their were made to be together, and love is something amazing when you read about a love wich is like that! I can't express what I feel in simple words..
I love the book!