I think this is the pic that I used most of the time when we were together. To bad; was such a nice pic, but now it will remind me about you, well... they say that time heals everything, although, there's nothing to heal now.
Here I leave you with... I don't know... a poem?? . I wrote this just one hour after you asked me for time, but I rewrite it a day after I realize what did you tell me, and I notice for those words, that you didn't love me as I did.

It's all about time,
the one that will pass by
and that you won't wait;
for me to come by

You asked me for time
and that's what I give you
but I don't know for how long
can this feeling hold on

So confusing is this;
because in you is all I think
but it seems I'm not the one
that is around your mind

You didn't think about me in a month
maybe once in your memory
to ask me for a word

I thought I meant more for you
but it seems that I was wrong
maybe that's why I didn't risk
to lose more that what I own


1 comment:

Aleja said...

men are freakin idiots!
how can someone be so silly and waste such a love like you have...because you really love him..don`t you?

the same thing happened to me...
But I guess I was so... umm
how can I describe myself...I was living a lie...that`s the perfect description. Everything was only in my mind.