So..... confused!

I really don't know what to do, you can made your conclusions for my last post, but at this exact moment.. we are talking and is weird but it seems like we can talk to each other now better than before, when we were together.
A my friend says that maybe we are more friends than a couple, but I don't know what to think, and I don't even know why I'm writing this here, I'm not suppose to do this, I'm suppose to write phrases, just like the title says, but I'm tired of that. There are million of things I would like to talk about that I know for sure a lot of people wouldn't care, but like they don't care, I don't care either if they read it or not.

So rules had been made to be broken right? so let's break the rules and from now on I'll write whatever I like to and feel like to write at the moment, but for the one (my cousin) that are reading the twilight saga and wants to know at least a little resume of the book, but of course without saying too much to ruin the reading, I will still publish that along with some other books that I'm reading at the moment, and maybe, just maybe one or other phrase around there. I'm looking for some that might caught your attention so just be a little patient and you'll have what you came looking in here.

And returnig to my crisis =P, I just don't know what to do, and if you are reading this, you are going to kill me, because I'm considering don't breaking up with him, I might give him one more chance, because you know? I haven't been the best I could at that moment, I think we better try again and if this time doesn't work then we'll just have to split. But I won't be feeling sad and be wondering what if... so I'll do this and won't have any regrets. So please leave live, don't kill me... and I have to say something in my own defense-- you have done worst things that I--- so I'm just an angel next to you.
Don't be mad at me... you know I always say things like this, but either way I'll pick you up tomorrow if you still want.


Aleja said...

you are so bad with me!!
you have scratched my heart!
now it is torn!
jaja..how can you say "you have done worst things than I". and in a public blog! it`s a luck that you have not written the things that you consider are worst than what you are doing now!
just let me tell you this, don`t be silly like me, you know we are like teens, we feel exactly the same about this "thing" called love. We agree that we are not so lucky to get it. And maybe, as all your friends said, you were meant to be together as friends.
If you gave him another chance and it doesn`t work...hoy would you feel then? you will die! and I know that! it is horrible to feel that pressure within you, killing your hopes...
I know how it is and I don`t want you to feel like that!
Please, use your heart but your brain! and be clear in what you decide.
You know, I will support you, even if I know it is not the rightest thing to do. It is just that I don`t want you to be hurted again...you have been hurted in many ways in this live and I know it has been difficult for you.
Just...think about it.
do it!

Edu said...

Well that break the rules is very interesting and yet very tentative as staff had thought about the option to not only agree to discuss my issue but something beyond all that, the idea is to provide ideas or experiences that might you can serve others.

With regard to the work of "Twilight" and put the seme BICHITO to read and even more the film has been clear that there are some people and saw a girl like -.- 'by what I see is a very interesting plot and comment if I understand it better so fast =)

And with regard to the sentences of those things are heard everywhere where you least imagine something interesting to listen to a simple cartoon, anime, series, soap, etc. Or things that happen to yourself, but understand that is something very different.

Edu (faithful follower) =)