Going on with the Twilight Saga, here is the third book "Eclipse", as on the second book Victoria is still trying to kill Bella, but suddenly there are no news about her, and instead of that there are lots of dead on Seattle, and the Cullen are worry because if this continues the way is going.. the Volturis might have to appear there, but the problem is that Bella is still a human, and those aren't good news cause they agree that she will become a vampire in exchange for its "lives", but like Bella wants Edward to "do" the conversion, she will have to wait against her will, and in the meantime the attacks continue and they began to think that there's more than one vampire doing all that, and there is when Jasper (waa so cute...let's focus) suspect that the attacks might be from newborn vampires "Neofits", he said that like they are just "new" they are incredibly strong but have no control over themselves and that's the reason why they destroy everything that is on their way.

So they are Neofits running all over Seattle without any guidance and killing all the people they can on the way, but suddenly Edward goes hunting and in the meantime Alice take her to the Cullen's house for a "pajama party" oh! by the way Alice can't see Bella when she is with Jacob because he is (like you should now) a werewolf. But like I was saying before, when Bella returned home from that long party... cause it last for days, she noticed that some of her clothes were missing, and thought that it was Alice trying to clean up her bedroom a little bit from the mess, but after a long discussion they found out that someone else where at Bella’s house and take her clothes to take her scent to the other ones.

At the end the werewolves and the vampires had to do a truce in order to safe Bella from the Neofits, but as always Jacob had problems with Edward by the fact that he thought about her all the time and that made Edward mad, and with reason!, she is his girlfriend! future wife! =P, what does that werewolf have on his mind! xD.

But for this, a few days ago I believe, Jacob kissed Bella against her will, and she punch him on the face xD… but the only one damaged was her… as always, and while Jacob was going next to Sam for the battle, he accidentally listened to the conversation that Bella was having with Edward, and for his fortune this was about Bella’s marriage, or her decision of marry Edward, so Jacob listened to this and became really… and I mean it, really sad; Bella listened to this, so Edward went to look for Jacob so they could talk; and like this was the day of the battle… Jacob used this as a strategy, to fight for Bella’s love, so he told her that she didn’t want him alive and that it didn’t care if he die on the middle of the battle, so after several time talking, she asked him to kiss her, and of course he didn’t waste any time and kiss her… at first as expected she didn’t kiss him back, but I still don’t know what happened (naa I do, it happened several times to me too!) she kissed him back, and there is when she started to feel confused.

Returning with the battle against the Neofits, when Bella was hiding with Edward and Seth, suddenly from nowhere it appear Victoria with a Neofit vampire, but it wasn’t as “new” as the rest of them, it seemed that she was lying to him telling him that she loved him… his name was Riley, and between Seth and Edward tried to stop them, but he started to attack and Seth kill him, while Edward was talking with Victoria; convincing her that this was her only chance to kill Bella, and that she shouldn’t waste this opportunity, finally when they started to fight, in an act of bravery, or I should say… becoming insane! xD.. Bella took a piece of stone that was really sharp and squeeze it enough to make her blood came out, and this distract Victoria… so Edward didn’t waste this chance to kill her and did it!.

I will finish here, and when I end up with Breaking dawn, you will see my review xD.

Greetings!! To my cousin!! That is my Nº1 fan!! =P

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