Breaking Dawn - Part 1

As I promised… I said that I would write about Breaking Dawn when I finish reading it; but I was so busy that when I finally ended I couldn’t write about it. So now I found a little time and I will write about it.

Everyone who has been reading the whole saga knows that Edward and Bella are going to get marry, and that Jacob ran away from Forks, in this new book at the beginning Bella appears driving a car, but not her old car, no!!... How can the future Mrs. Cullen drive a car like that =P… So her gorgeous future husband buy her a car that till that moment she didn’t know what kind of car was, cause he told her that; till she doesn’t become a vampire she will drive the “before” car, that for her surprise was the most secured car on the history of cars. (The mercedes guardian).

But continuing with the history, as Bella promised she let Alice get in charge of the ceremony and the whole thing, but Alice didn’t let her see the decoration and Edward didn’t tell her where the honeymoon will be… so everything was going to be a surprise for her, but like we all know her… she wasn’t the most excited person about all the wedding; she only wanted to be with Edward no matter what, but his make him happy and this was part of the deal =P.
After lots of preparation, the wedding finally reaches the date and every single person they knew were invited to it, even on the Cullen’s side, but this was all normal, cause their friends knew how to behave in front of all of them. That day Bella finally knew Tanya xD… and she was as beautiful as she thought she will be, but she was now Edward’s wife, what else can matter, but a little of jealous aren’t bad =P.

Well like I don’t want to do this the longest post on the history, and I’m just on the beginning of the book, let’s jump till the honeymoon. Well they went to and Island which by the way was Esme’s Island, a gift from Carlisle when they married, and she lend it to Edward so they could pass their honey moon, it was an exotic parade, warm enough so that Bella wouldn’t die frozen, this was going to be the first time they were going to be together as a couple, and not only just as a couple but as “men & wife”….. but like I don’t want to ruin this part for the readers of the book, let’s jump again till the part were Bella finds the way… for Edward to do whatever she wants (this is a very important part of the book so read the book! =P) jojojo, so she finally convinces him to… let’s say… have sex again?, that part is really funny =P, but like they have been doing this a lot of time, hey! Remember that Edward has to eat in order not to kill her?? =P…. that’s right!, he went out to eat and left her just a few hours alone… but she is a magnet for troubles isn’t she?

Like she couldn’t sleep again, she cooked something, but when she was cooking the chicken she found… she couldn’t wait till it completely cooks so she eat it just like that, but she began to feel nausea and waited for Edward to come back, then I believe it was the same day, she couldn’t eat anything at all, and after several things, she thought… and what if I’m pregnant, so she put her hand over her belly and felt a kick, but it was too soon!!... so she ran to the mirror and saw that little… how to say it? mmm… thing?—growing there…. but sooner than expected, cause it was maybe less than a week since they were there.

Edward called Carlisle so he can “fix” the problem, and they prepared to come back, as soon as possible, he was that worry because this never happened before, this was a whole new creature and everything was possible, so he didn’t wanted to risk Bella’s life more than usual, but Bella had different plans, so when he went out to pack some things she called Rosalie, and the only thing she said was:….. Rosalie, I need your help…

I leave this here so I’ll continue with the other part of the book later =P… don’t hold your breath!


Aleja said...

then you tell me why do I have to be annoyed with Bella?
ja! I hate it when she wants to do such a risky things! she should`ve understand that she was only a human. She made Edward suffer a lot because of her behavior!

that doesn`t mean I don`t like Reneesme because i do! aww Jacob and Nessy :)

but I thought this saga could finish differently.

karlibeth said...

what!?... you hated Edward!!... that's why I hated you =P... no because you "hate" Bella at that moment... and you won a lot of hate when you prefered Jacob over Edward u_U =P