Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Continuing with the second part of Breaking Dawn; in this part the narrator is Jacob, as you might know, he came back to Forks because he wanted to see Bella after the wedding, or I might say on the reception of the wedding. The talking almost end up in a fight, but nothing happened, after that… when he discovered that Bella had return to Forks he wanted to see her because Charlie said that Carlisle told him that she had caught a weird disease, and that they were treating her on the house and that no one could see her for a while; so Jacob thought that she was finally a vampire and that that was the reason why they did let him see her; so he went see her, expecting the worst; but instead he found Edward really bad… like a dead walking… he seem so numb, so Jacob wanted to know why; and when he entered the house, he found them on the living room standing all around Bella that was lying down on a sofa with a sheet covering half of her body.

He was shocked because he saw her really skinny so he went and talk to her but Rosalie was standing at her side, (like a bodyguard he thought!) the reason why… was that Bella had asked Rosalie for help; like she told her that she had always wanted to have her own family and that was something that Bella was rejecting by becoming a vampire, so when she found out that she was expecting a child she asked Rosalie for help, but it seemed that Rosalie was more concern about the “health” of the baby more than for the mother herself. Jacob talked to Edward and he asked “Jacob…please!!... Convince her to stop this madness; offer her something better, even if she wants to be a mother, it doesn’t have to be with me, and you can offer her that opportunity”. Edward was definitely desperate for save her. But he couldn’t do anything if she didn’t cooperate.

When Jacob went to see Sam, he thought that they were a threat for the werewolves, because they didn’t know what “the creature was”; growing inside Bella… that was obviously killing her. But Jacob didn’t want to hurt them cause that meant that they needed to kill her too… but Sam used his Alfa voice to make him obey; but then Jacob remembered that “he” was the one meant to be the Alfa… so he separate form the group of Sam and went to warn the Cullen’s… just seconds later Seth joined him and they noticed that they couldn’t hear Sam’s group; after a while Leah joined them too, but she wasn’t happy at all about having to guard the Cullen’s; she wasn’t that fond on them, but she felt better being with Jacob than with Sam… and she had to take care of her little brother (Seth).

When Jacob went to see Bella again, he noticed that the baby grew up too fast, that so that after some days it seemed like a four or six month pregnancy, but it was also becoming stronger and hurting Bella.

After a long time trying to feed her in vane, and without a change of seeing what happened with the baby cause the skin was too hard to see through it (like the one of the vampires). So they thought: “what if we can feed her with blood?”…how you might imagine the most exciting one with this idea was Rosalie… so like they had some blood on the house, just for emergencies; they gave her that… at first Bella wasn’t really excited about this idea, but like it was for the baby’s health; she drink it all and even asked for more; after a few days doing this she was a little bit stronger and the baby was bigger too.

There is a time when Bella is talking and for a moment Edward thinks that he listened to her thoughts… but it wasn’t her it was the baby… Edward could listen to her thoughts; so Bella asked him: “what is she thinking?…after a few seconds he said… she loves you… she loves you more than everything.

There had pass a long time after the Cullen’s feed themselves with blood, but none of them wanted to leave Bella alone, so they made hunting groups: Carlisle, Esme, Emmet, Alice and Jasper will go on the first group and the others on the second… Alice and Jasper were the first on came back cause the others stayed a little longer to bring more blood for Bella.

And at the same time; Bella was at the house with the other… so like all humans; she wanted to go to the bathroom, but when she stood up, she accidentally dropped the cup where the blood was… so she tried to reach it but suddenly something sounded, and Bella went down to the floor with a lot of pain. They all take her to the second floor and noticed that she was on labor, they dialed Carlisle so he could help them; cause the baby was chocking with the cord; but Rosalie said: “there is no time”… so she made a cut on Bella but there was a lot of blood…and she couldn’t control herself, but just in time Jacob take her down and take her out of the room; so in there with Bella were only Jacob and Edward; Jacob was trying to talk with Bella while Edward ripped off the placenta with his teeth and took the baby off, but then Bella said: “bring her to me…I want to see her”; when she was with the baby on her arms; that was maybe her happiest moment, but suddenly she bite her; so Edward take her out… Bella was bleeding so… dying; she became unconscious so Edward took a long shot that had his venom and injected it to Bella’s hearth and started to bite her and lip the bites so the venom could travel faster around her body so she wouldn’t die; but it was too late; she was already dead… so Jacob left the room while Edward tried to bring her back… when Jacob went down stairs till the first floor; he found Rosalie taking care of the baby, that little creature that was the reason why Bella was death, he was preparing to jump and take her down; but at the moment he saw her… he felt free of any attachment… but suddenly a new noise started… a beat a faster beat.

This is the end of the second part of the book on a few more days I’ll bring you the third and last part… be patient =P.

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