I still do

Sorry, on these days I will write the 3th part of breaking dawn... but for now I need to take a break!!

I saw you yesterday, and I couldn't help to remember how much I still love you; I was reading our past conversations and noticed how much you did too. I know I've been a fool, I always left you behind.

I don't think we'll ever be back again, and fate is taking care of that so well. That the only thing that's left is the hope that this feeling will at least slowly fade away; my hearth is broken in thousands of pieces and it hurts so much to be that close of you but at the same time so far. I didn’t want it to be this way and you know it; it’s not my fault the change of schedule ...but it is the lack of care I gave you.

I don’t know if you are just looking for and excuse to talk to me, or you really needed those things. I just want to think that everything has disappear and that you no longer feel the same for me, so I can go on with my life and be depressed for a while and then come back to life.

I still love you… I do!!... but there are moments when I’m angry with you for doing this, but later I feel bad for thinking that of you. You knew I didn’t have experience at all, that you were the first boyfriend I ever had (and that’s saying much); you were the only one that insisted that much so I could notice what you really wanted. Cause you now… I have always my mind up in the sky, and for me to notice your real intention was a big deal.

I think I have nothing else to say, at least for now. I will still see you almost every day, for only two months since now, cause you will finally end up with your studies but I will continuing here learning another language, just one more… another language to tell you this all over again.. Je t'aime!! =P

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Aleja said...

I have it when they don't read these kind of things...
I mean...WE WRITE THEM HERE just to be read....and they don't do it...

I wrote something like this in my own blog last month...and I think he didn't even notice - if he read it- or maybe he didn't read it...u.u! - fools.